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KFVS: School business program continues search for teacher, students

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) –After getting funding to expand the Midland Institute’s CEO program into Union County, the Union County CEO program is focusing on finding a teacher and students for the 2014-2015 school year.

The Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program was first implemented in Effingham County and seeks to take high school juniors and seniors out of the typical school environment for a couple hours a day and into one focused on solving real world problems with business-based solutions.

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Union County Technology Solutions To Donate Website, Public Relations Services To Upcoming County-Wide High School Business Program

After making a $1000 donation to help fund the beginnings of a county-wide high school business program last fall, Union County Technology Solutions is following up by offering business services, as well.  Beginning in March, the local IT services provider will begin hosting the Union County CEO program’s website and owner Rollie Hawk will be acting as its director of communications and public relations.

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Southeast Missourian: Union Co. to develop future entrepreneurs

Union County is the next in line to offer a program that will develop the talents of future entrepreneurs. What makes the program different is that it involves high-school students taking the course outside the school building and in the business community for two course credits.

Rollie Hawk, owner and lead consultant of Union County Technology Solutions and chief information officer of Union County, pledged to donate $3,000 to help fund the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, or CEO, program during its first three years.

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Gazette-Democrat: New Union County CEO programs receives support

Union County Technology Solutions, a local IT services and consulting company in Jonesboro, has joined dozens of local businesses and community leaders to fund the  Union County CEO program.

The new program, which organizers said follows a model that has shown remarkable success around the state, is designed both to develop and to retain local business talent and innovators.

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, or CEO for short, is a program that began in Effingham County as a three-year pilot to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in high school students.

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The Southern: Business program attracts a new fan

An entrepreneurial program designed for high school students to foster their business ingenuity has gained another supporter.

Rollie Hawk, owner of Union County Technology Solutions and the county’s chief information officer, has pledged his company’s support for the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities program.

In addition to pledging $3,000 over three years to help fund the program — he already signed the first of three checks — he also promised to serve as a business mentor for students in the program.

“I was immediately sold on the concept,” said Hawk, who also serves of the county’s advisory committee for the program. “We don’t really teach entrepreneurship in high school and then we turn around and wonder why we have a dwindling economic base.”

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