Union County CEO Program Hires Evelyn Bailey As Teacher/Facilitator


Union County CEO Program Hires Evelyn Bailey As Teacher/Facilitator

JONESBORO—The Union County CEO Program—CEO being short for Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities—reached its final major milestone before starting the complete class for the 2015-2016 school year: filling the teacher/facilitator position.  The program has selected Evelyn Bailey, a respected teacher and an influential member of the business community in Union County.

“I have been following the CEO program since its inception in Union County and am excited to be a part of this unusual and valuable class,” said Bailey.

“When we started our search, there were really three things we were looking for,” explained Union County CEO Chairman Rollie Hawk.  “First, we needed somebody with teaching experience.  Second, we needed someone with a business background.  Third, we wanted someone with ties to the local business community.  We knew it was a tall order but this is what the program was going to need to have its best chance at success.”

In Evelyn Bailey, the program found all three.

“Evelyn is a highly respected teacher and member of the community.  She’s been active in the real estate business for the last several years.  She’s got ties to many businesses thanks to her involvement in the Union County Women In Business,” said Hawk.  “But perhaps even more importantly, she’s been one of the strongest advocates for Union County businesses through the Locally First campaign that she’s helped to spearhead.  I can’t think of anyone more appropriate to manage the teaching side of this program.”

Bailey has heard first-hand the impact that the program has had on students of the program in other communities.

“Having attended the Effingham CEO’s business conference last winter, completely run by the CEO class, I have seen how this program can build confident and capable young adults. You would have thought the current CEO students were halfway through their college years instead of being juniors and seniors.  Several of the alumni on a panel discussion said this is the number one class they would take again if they were to repeat high school.  All had taken time off from their college classes to support the program that served them so well,” said Bailey. “That spoke volumes to me.”

For more information on the CEO Program, visit unioncountyceo.com.