Teacher/Facilitator Needed – Union County CEO Program

Teacher/Facilitator Needed
Union County CEO Program

The Union County CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program is currently seeking a qualified individual to instruct/facilitate their program for the 2015-16 school year. This is a ½ time position to begin in June 2015. Certification/licensure in business, marketing or computer education desired.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest, current licensure documentation, transcripts and three letters of reference to:

Crystal Housman, Principal
Cobden High School
413 Appleknocker Drive
Cobden, Illinois 62920
or submit electronically to chousman@cusd17.com

Teacher Job Description

There are many critical components in the establishment of an entrepreneurship class like CEO, but none more important than the selection of the teacher.

The CEO concept takes the limits off of student learning and creates a learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, discover and experience things in ways that go far beyond worksheets and quizzes.  The curriculum is driven by the student’s questions and needs, revolves around the real life challenges they confront in developing their class and personal businesses.  The teacher must be comfortable being a facilitator to the class while the students learn by doing.

The teacher must be a certified teacher and in most states needs to be certified to teach business education at the high school or community college level. A non-business education teacher who qualifies according to your state’s alternative certification requirements may obtain alternative certification.

The teacher must be an educational entrepreneur, one who consistently looks to learn and improve, one who consistently looks outside of traditional resources to provide important and transformational experiences for students.  The teacher needs to be one of the most excited learners in the class, modeling a passion for life long learning.

The teacher must be able to adapt and change quickly as opportunities, guests, etc. become available.  Student needs drive the day-to-day activities of the class, and the teacher must be able to recognize and customize the learning environment to best meet those needs.

Key Teacher Traits

  • One basic tenet of the CEO approach is that it isn’t critical when a concept is taught.  It’s only critical that the concept is learned.  When and how that learning takes place are driven by the students.  Rather than using tests and quizzes, a student’s work is evidence that the concept is mastered.
  • The teacher must connect with students in a way that creates a learning environment that is focused on learning, not on discipline.  Students should behave because they choose to, not because they’re forced to.
  • The teacher must be respected in the community, and must have the ability to move smoothly between the business and education communities and the CEO board.
  • The teacher must be comfortable operating in a completely transparent teaching experience, where communication is timely and effective and visitors move in and out of the class with ease.
  • The teacher must be an excellent communicator, preparing monthly reports for the CEO board and regular weekly updates for investors and class supporters.

A CEO teacher has to be comfortable learning right along with the students.  They have to be comfortable saying, “I don’t know”.  That’s the most critical part of establishing this kind of learning environment.  The teacher is a facilitator for learning, not the “possessor of all knowledge”

Craig Lindvahl, Effingham CEO instructor