Union County CEO Program Holds First Class Meeting

ANNA—The Union County CEO Program held its first class meeting at Union County Hospital in September.  Facilitated by Midland Institute staff members Craig Lindvahl and Elizabeth Roepke, the main goal of the session was to get students thinking and interacting as a group in ways that they may not be used to.

“Craig did a fantastic job of getting the students out of their normal comfort zones,” said program vice president Rollie Hawk after attending the meeting. “He can really get people out of their shells.  When the class started, it was the typical situation where you have someone leading and asking questions with students hesitating to answer.  But about thirty minutes in, it was like a different bunch of kids.  Suddenly, they were the ones asking the questions and challenging each other.”

A few students even described businesses they already run or are working towards starting.

“After seeing these kids in action, it’s easy to see why we had such a huge response from students wanting to be a part of the CEO program here in Union County,” explained Hawk.  “There’s already a lot of entrepreneurship among our kids.  We want to grow that, both horizontally and vertically, in the sense we want more young people thinking along those lines and for those that already are we want them to dig even deeper into what it takes to start and run a successful business.”

Hawk expressed the Union County CEO Program advisory board’s appreciation for Union County Hospital hosting the event.

“This is exactly the kind of business and community involvement that it will take to make this program a success.  We all talk about how we want things to change and to make the world better but it’s only by getting involved in our own communities that we can make that happen.”